Caring for your flowers

Presentation or Open Bouquet:

Remove external packaging, cut approximately 2 cm off the bottom of the stems at a 45° angle. Fill vase with tepid water and add flower food as directed.

Tied arrangement in water bubble:

Just top up with water as necessary and display complete. Do not untie the arrangement.

Tied arrangement without water:

Remove packaging, do NOT untie your flowers, cut approximately 2 cm off the bottom of the stems at a 45° angle, fill vase with tepid water, add flower food as directed.

Arrangements in Floral Foam:

Top up with fresh water daily.

Further care tips for all arrangement types:

Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from hot or cold draughts.Some of our flowers will arrive in bud and gradually open within a few days, remove dead flowers to keep your arrangement looking fresh.

CAUTION: Lily pollen will stain clothing & furnishings. To remove use sticky tape, do not try to brush off or use water. Always wash your hands after handling flowers. Personalised balloons contain glitter caution should be exercised when given to/around young children.If you have any questions regarding your flowers supplied by us please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.